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We Believe In The Game of Winning = Success + Fun

Whether or not you're aware, there is a game you are playing and the reason you're losing is you may be playing someone else's.

We were tricked into believing that life is all about what you do and what we have to show on the outside determines our value on the inside.

We were also taught we had to do everything on our own. That asking for help and support is showing weakness — or if we accepted help — we're accepting that we’re not “good enough” to do it on our own.

I’m here to tell you that story is complete and 100% bullshit. That premise was designed based on a game you were tricked into playing.

And it was designed to make you look you're winning but when you look inside of yourself, you don't feel like you're winning.

What if I told you your life and ability to truly win at it is based solely on who you are and developing yourself into the person you know you are capable of being?

Let's take a look at what a game truly is.


What Is a Game?

A fun experience you participate in with steps and processes that create an outcome which determines a win.

Breaking Down the Elements of a Game

We see game design within personal development as the key for unlocking curiosity, empathy, human potential and joy.

You can participate in two ways –– playing or watching. Typically, those who watch don't experience any rewards other than the associative "high" of seeing someone they're invested in winning.

Our clients don't want to watch someone else play the game. They want to pick up the controller and start playing themselves so they can reap all the rewards form the experience first-hand.

People want the rewards that come with winning without actually doing what's required to win. The reality is for any game, there are many ways to win and those many ways still a linear path. We call these rules and as much as you want to decide the rules, you can't.

It's just like opening Google Maps and entering a destination. The app will give you 3 different ways to choose from out of a hundreds of ways but you still have to get to the destination in order for the trip to be of value.

And once you get the hang of it, you have now created a formula for mastery.

Here's is where you get to design your game. When you decide on what outcomes you want, usually it's something you can see, touch, or hold. These are what we call extrinsic values, like money, status, relationships, and power.

But there are intrinsic things that are of much higher value that we focus on:


You get to decide what it all looks like in your life or business.

There are two types of wins –– objective and subjective. The conflict here is the former is about what others think and the latter is what you believe.

If you look objectively, you spend 80% of playing a game failing, yet, you'll keep trying because it's fun.

Life can work the same way.

Our clients turn their focus to what fuels their beliefs and values inside of the game of their life. They see feedback as a means of creating autonomy in their lives. Wins are not just tangible, in fact, the biggest wins are the intangibles.

And let's not forget the most important piece of the game:

In a world where Marie Kondo is reminding everyone how to experience joy in their lives, it's time we really step into joy as a way of being.

Infusing joy into our clients lives gives them the ability to connect deeply with their souls and impact the world around them as they raise what we call their "soul state."

This is where the game opens up to infinite possibilities and lead our clients on a quest toward the highest state we seek. We call it "Transcendence."

What's the Problem?

You are either not winning the current game you are playing or you are and not having fun. 

What's the Solution?


Who Is This Game For?

My mission is to mentor as many men, athletes, and businesses as possible, at the same time, it's important to know I do not work with every one.  I look at three very important things. 

  1. You must be willing to do what it takes to evolve into the man that lives the life you desire and be open-minded to the transformations that will take place in the process. 

  2. Your desire supersedes your limitations. If you let doubt hold you back, then you'll be held back in life. But when you invest in yourself, you will get you results, guaranteed to last a lifetime.

    Being selective about who I work with makes sure I truly work with those who are committed and pushes me to bring them the results they want. It’s a collaborative experience to guide you toward your dreams. 

  3. You must be (or have the desire to be) clear on what you want. Transformation can happen instantly, however lasting transformation takes time. If you’re looking for quick fixes, magic solutions, or get-rich-quick schemes, I will not work with you. No exceptions.

To summarize, you must be willing, have the desire, and clear on what you want.

If that’s you, then click below and I'll show you the GAME my clients play to live the life of their dreams.

Keep it simple, be amazing, and make life a game you can win.


Discover How to Make Life a Game You Can

I can guarantee it will be the most rewarding 45 minutes you’ll spend on your personal life.


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