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I know this sounds intense but this is a question you’ve already asked yourself so just answer it. If you’ve never thought about it before, now is the time to think and share what comes up for you. Also let us know your level of spirituality and connection to a Higher Power, if any, and daily practices (meditation, journaling, etc.).
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If you are selected to be among the few who get invited into my program, it will require you to… 1) Be 100% committed with a passion to transform Your life. so we can focus our time together on ACTION and RESULTS instead of focusing on the basics like most other coaching and programs out there… 2) Be 100% coachable so you can get your RESULTS fast, and... 3) Invest $5,000 in YOURSELF. Are you prepared to both Invest in yourself and DO what is required to take your life to the next level? *
It's important to me that you make the right choice for you, so please do your own research (Google, Facebook, etc) on me prior to the call, so that we can come together ready to do the work. *