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Are you ready to live
with less fear and more fire?

 You are here because you want…






what andy had to say

The beauty of Thomas’ approach is that it is not just about meeting women or even awesome pickup lines. Rather, his approach is grounded in who you are and want to be. From there he helps you unlock what has always felt like the mystical black box of meeting people and dating. It’s a transformative and holistic approach that’ll impact all facets of your life.
— Andy W., Chicago, IL

What if I told you the reason you don’t have everything you want in life is deep down you don’t think you’re enough to have it (and keep it).

What if the very key to turning everything around was living a life based on…

accepting, respecting, honoring, and loving yourself?

I’ve created a system that builds your internal power so you can go out in the world and conquer whatever challenge stands before you.

I call it the Predictable Love Mentality™.


what is the predictable love mentality™?


The Predictable Love Mentality has one simple idea…

You feed yourself with daily practices, weekly experiences, and challenges so you are filled with the power and capacity to create the life you want.

In other words, you create a life that is centered around YOU first.

If you show yourself how much you love yourself, the world has no choice but to show you how much it loves you.



what tim had to say

There are guys that you respect, and then there are guys that you look to for continued inspiration and encouragement. Thomas has been one of those guys on more than one occasion for me, and I always look forward to coming back and talking to him about that next step in my life. Whether I’ve needed his advice on doing the right thing in a new relationship or even just getting a boost in confidence to take a much-needed step in my life, Thomas has been there. I look forward to someday introducing him to my wife and saying ‘This is the guy who helped me become the man I am today.’
— Tim Stiffler-Dean, Dayton, OH

 how does it work?

Simply put, I provide you tools that reconnect you to your internal fire. Think of it like reigniting the pilot in a gas stove. Without the pilot, you can’t light the burners.

How we reignite this fire is through 3 stages:

✅ Level 1 – STRATEGY

This is the level where every man starts. This is the HOW. How do I approach her? How do I lose weight? How do I make more money? We’ve been conditioned over decades to believe that as long as we can figure out the HOW, we’ll be able to do it.

That is only partially true.

The HOW gives you great tools but if you don’t know how to use them effectively, then they’re useless.

✅ Level 2 – SUPPORT

Most men don’t reach this level because it involves the one thing we were taught as men to NEVER do – ASK FOR HELP.

This is the WHO. Who can support me in getting the life I want?

Asking for help is not something that gets praise, especially when we were growing up. You were told if you asked for help, you’re weak, stupid, or worse. To share your emotions around dating, work, or life would be you being a wuss.

You were taught to keep it in and deal with it. “REAL men deal with that stuff on their own.” That toxic mentality leads us is into isolation, loneliness, and an even darker place filled with anger, shame, guilt, and blame, which can lead to destructive behavior.

Having support is the OPPOSITE of being weak. Receiving support gives you POWER.

✅ Level 3 – STATE

Your state of being creates the reality around you. This is the WHY. Why do you want this? Why is it important to overcome this challenge?

The events that happen in your life are neutral by default. However, how you perceive these events will determine whether they’re good or bad.

Bad thoughts, crappy meaning, not-so-enjoyable life.

You could have the best tools and incredible support, but if you have no faith in yousrself or are always being negative, then EVERYTHING becomes ineffective.

This is a level few men are willing to go to, simply because this is where the most challenges, fears, and obstacles exist. This is also where your greatest life exists.

You can’t HOW your way to WHY.

When you are clear those levels, we then take this fire, combine it with daily practices, weekly experiences, and monthly challenge “checkpoints” and connect it to the areas of your life most important to you.

🔥LEGACY (Health and Wellness)

Building a healthy and powerful body capable of blasting through any and all objects in his way, fueled by a clear purpose and connection to his fire.

🤑LEADERSHIP (Career and Money)

Developing this skillset to rise in your career, make more money, and make an impact in your community, country, and for some of you, the world.

👊🏻LIFESTYLE (Experiences and Community)

Having experiences you enjoy with high quality friends who love and support you, no matter what.

❤️LOVE (Energy and Connection)

Creating or recreating a lasting, loving, passionate relationship with an amazing woman. You'll also create connected relationships with other important people in your life (parents, children, etc.)



what george had to say

Thomas wants you to be “The Mayor” everywhere you go, but this is not about prefabricated lines and openers or an artificial way of presenting yourself but rather about having fun and being genuine at the same time. It was Thomas who gave me the basics on how to keep “it” going, “first introduce yourself and shake their hand.” Just like The Mayor. Secondly, do not stress too much, just keep it going. In my first week of day game I connected with a 6 foot tall beauty who I am still in touch with today. It is no exaggeration to say that Thomas is beyond competent and is in fact inspiring in how he works with people.
— George H., Boston, MA

in this moment, you have two choices


First, you can can do nothing, continue to let fear dictate your life and keep struggling. You can continue trying do things on your own and spending weeknights and weekends alone and frustrated that your life isn’t where you know it could be.


Or, you can make a decision that this day is the first day of a better life. a better you, and more in control of your personal and professional life than you ever thought.

I know the second path is what you desire, so click the button below and let’s begin.



what geoff had to say

Thomas, I swear you are the best money I ever spent.
— Geoff, Boston, MA