Your Dating Life Is NOT Working – and It’s Affecting the Rest of Your Life.

That’s a tough statement to read. And it’s even tougher to admit it to oneself.

As you may have read on my home page, “one of the biggest struggles of professional single men is the journey to finding what many call, “The One.” It’s the one long-term committed relationship that tells them, “they’re done searching,” because they’ve found a quality, attractive, and compatible woman to spend the rest of their life with.”

So for a long time — from when we were kids — we were told that if we got an education, got a job, worked really hard, and made a lot of money, then women will be lining up, waiting for the chance to devote themselves and their lives to us.

As we have learned, guys, this story
has been quite far from reality.

Instead, while many of you did do the work, got an education, got a job, made a lot of money — hell, even bought a house — you still would walk into your home, after a long day of work, to emptiness. Just you, making dinner, watching Netflix, and having a drink — “rewards” for your hard work each and every day.

And while you long for connection — a romantic connection — with an amazing woman, you’re left wondering when your next date will be, if it will ever come. 

So, you go online…

…where you struggle to get women to reply to your messages, but keep tweaking your profile and photos in hopes something makes the difference.

When you think about the alternative — going out and meeting women in-person — you’re left wondering where to go, as if you forgot how to have conversations in person,

Or maybe you’re left freaking out because the idea of walking up to an attractive woman, with the possibly of rejection existing on the other side scares the crap out of you.

Or maybe, you’ve gone out many nights and have been repeatedly shut down by women left and right, that by the night’s end, you’re left on your way home with nothing to show for it — no numbers, no dates, no connections.

So you just “give up…”

…on the day’s efforts to find that connection and become lazy about it all. Then the days start piling up and you go out even less, you start to not have as many close friends. You stop pursuing some of your passions or hobbies because the loneliness is too frustrating to focus on something you love.

You stop taking care of yourself — you stop working out, eating well, grooming, and even dressing well — and you question whether or not you’re worth it since women don’t see that you are. And then, all the hard work you’ve put into getting an education, a job, a house, starts to fall apart because the all things you were taught were the keys to long-lasting love, have become a lie.

For a long time I struggled…

…with being self-classified as an introvert, not knowing where to go to meet people, and if I did meet someone, how to keep the conversation going long enough to make any connection, let alone, a romantic one.

Then you throw in moving to a new city, not having many friends, and just starting a new job into the mix, all of a sudden, life became just that much more daunting.

And then I found a way to become more comfortable in social environments, better able to not only approach, but also connect with others who helped gives me access to a better way of living.

I created lifestyle that presented highly quality opportunities and amazing women to connect with romantically, which I was then able to use to meet the woman who is now my wife and mother of my child.

But let’s not forget the bigger picture here.

For so many of you, all of your efforts are geared toward “finding someone.” But let me ask you, what happens after you “find her?” What I am asking is what do you plan to do after you find that relationship that satisfies you?

You’ll still be alive and continuing on with life so are you prepared to take on the responsibilities that come with being in a relationship? Are you prepared to do what it takes to keep the relationship going and growing? Are you prepared to handle the ups and downs that inevitably happen in every relationship?

The truth is, for a relationship you’d like to last, seemingly, forever, “getting into a relationship” is only a tiny fraction of the whole timeline of that relationship. And I’ve been on record for years telling people “getting into a relationship” is the easiest part.

So, a better way to ask this question is, what are your plans after getting into a relationship? What parts of your life, all of a sudden, become capable of more? Your career? Your lifestyle? What about your contribution to your community?

What is the long-term game for having
everything in life you have set out for?

After over 10 years of coaching thousands of men and women, over 300 marriages and engagements, dozens of children born through the relationships I’ve helped form, and through my life experience being married for nearly 5 years, I’ve been able to develop a belief system that has the true keys to the type of Love, Lifestyle, Leadership, and Legacy you want in 90-days.

The system is called The Intentional Self™ and I’ll show you how to have an active social life, great dating experiences that can lead to a long-term relationship, an elevated career, and lasting impact on those in your life you care about the most, without worrying about inexperience, fear of rejection, and what’s truly required to get you what you want.

So I invite you to either watch my training or if you’ve heard enough, click the button below, have a conversation with me about what your Intentional Life can look like, and if I can be the one to guide you there.

Are you up for the challenge?

I hope to see you on the other side — keep it simple, be amazing, and live intentionally.