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love yourself and elevate your life

It’s time you live up to your potential and achieve the best out of life.


How today’s man can break free to get the best out of life



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I’m Thomas Edwards

For over 10 years, I’ve made a career guiding men into higher exceptional lives. In 2009, In my first 9 years, I was responsible for over 300 marriages and engagements, a 50% relationship rate, and being featured in nearly every possible media publisher in the world.

But, like all things, evolution is inevitable.

My mission is to reconnect you with the fire that once burned from within and show you how to access unlimited power that no relationship, money, or status could ever give you.

I'll guide you through effective strategies, support, and states of being, and show you how you can leverage that fire to have the BEST life has to offer.

If your mind was the operating system driving your life, consider this your software upgrade.


what Jonathan is saying

It’s [like] putting on a show of the best of yourself. I always keep in mind, wow, a few months ago – a year ago – I had nothing, no dates at all. It feels good [to not be in that place anymore].
— Jonathan Robinson, Allentown, PA

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what Joe is saying

That [webinar] advice by Thomas on being nice but assertive [and] being genuine really helped me and things are moving fast. Definitely not in the friends zone, yay!

We have spent very much time together recently both day and night. Let’s just say my dreams are coming true and so are hers.
— Joe O.

what Matt is saying

You managed to guide me into the right state of mind and rationalize all of the feelings and thoughts that were going through my head into a way that made made me feel guys pretty much guided me back to the trail.
— Matt Warnock, Philadelphia, PA

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How today’s man can break free to get the best out of life.

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