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Change Your Game.
Change Your Life.

Success no longer needs to define who you are. 

If you desire to play a different game of life, where happiness and fulfillment is immediately accessible without sacrificing success, you've come to the right place.

Click the link below to pre-order a copy of my first-ever book, The 1up Effect.


How Would Life Be Different If You Saw It Like A Game, Divided into FOUR Worlds...


Physical, mental, and spiritual wellness


People, places, and experiences that make you happy


Connection to yourself, romance, and the world


Increasing, sharing, and asking for value

...And Your Only Choice Is To Choose To Play Someone Else's Game, or Your Own Game?

What if you didn't have a choice in playing this game but rather, a choice of what type of game you play?

We see life as a game where you are the main character and player. Each day, you play this game, where you are presented with challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Some days, we "win." Other days, we hope to get another chance to play again the next day.

The major problem we see is you're playing a game to fill something inside of you that's trying to convince you that you're not good enough to be successful AND happy.

How do you know if you’re playing someone else’s game?

You are winning and not having any fun.


How Do You Fill Your Life with Happiness Without Sacrificing Success? 

Introducing: The 1up Effect

 "Live life like you found an extra one."

When you think about most games you've played, it's rather simple –– How you play when you’re on your last "life" (chance) is completely different than if you had an extra one.

Learn More About The 1up Effect

Watch this FREE masterclass and in 45 minutes, understand the truth of the real game being played.

“It’s [like] putting on a show of the best of yourself..."

"...I always keep in mind, wow, a few months ago – a year ago – I had nothing, no dates at all. It feels good [to not be in that place anymore].” — Jonathan Robinson, Allentown, PA

"That advice by Thomas on being nice but assertive [and] being genuine really helped me and things are moving fast. Definitely not in the friends zone, yay! We have spent very much time together recently both day and night. Let’s just say my dreams are coming true and so are hers."

–– Joe O.

" guys pretty much guided me back to the trail.”

“You managed to guide me into the right state of mind and rationalize all of the feelings and thoughts that were going through my head into a way that made made me feel better..."

"I saw him and I liked his hustle. That’s why I invited him into my home."

Gary Vaynerchuk
CEO and Co-Founder of VaynerMedia, Chairman of VaynerX, New York Times Bestselling Author

About Thomas

Thomas Edwards is a transformational coach for high-performing professionals, athletes, leaders, and businesses wanting to level up their purpose, fun, passion, and achievement. Through personal development combined with game design, he shows how to experience happiness without sacrificing success.

For over a decade, his experience, knowledge, and unique approach to personal transformation has been featured in nearly 1,000 media outlets, including features in Men's Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Entrepreneur, the New York Times, on MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show, among others.


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