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Keep it simple, be amazing, and live intentionally.


The Conference Designed for Men Committed to Creating a Life Filled With a Loving Relationship, Powerful Body, More Money, Clear Purpose, and More…

There is no 2-night, 2-day experience you’ll have this year that will dramatically change your life more than IntentionCon. You will ignite a fire inside that will produce unmatched confidence, abundance, and certainty — and when you experience it with 19 other committed men just like you, life will never be the same again.

📍 Los Angeles, CA

📅 August 9-11, 2019

🎟️ 15 Remaining Spots


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What better way to experience IntentionCon than experiencing it with a close friend? You get the amazing opportunity to gift transformation to someone important to you and sharing the experience together.

✅Access to a new program launching July 1st ($997 value)

This will not only give you the tools around developing a Fearless Lifestyle but will give you ongoing support after IntentionCon FOREVER. More to come...


...IntentionCon uncovers the system behind Fearless Intention and systems from numerous coaches and leaders, and brings together an incredible experience of defining your identity and going after life courageously…

…creating results in the four quadrants of the up-leveled life –


✅Daily practices that keep you performing at a high level across each quad – and how to track it using a point system, similar to a role-playing game or RPG.

✅Weekly themes that allow you to rapidly develop each quad and produce results consistently over the course of the week. 

✅A system of goal-setting that will push you beyond your limits powerfully and responsibly, virtually guaranteeing results in your life.

This workshop brings together over 14 years of Thomas' study, coaching experiences with thousands of clients, and collection of guidance from the world's most influential coaches and leaders.

🔒 100% Privacy.  We Will Never Spam You!

🔒100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

What You’ll Experience…

1. 3 Days of Immersive Training

IntentionCon is a 3-day learning experience where you’ll be taken through specific conditions designed to IDENTIFY the limitations you’ve created for yourself that keep you STUCK in your current position in life –– ultimately preventing you from living the life you want… 

...and by ADDRESSING these limitations with strategies, structure, and support, you'll know exactly what to do to BREAK FREE from that STUCK feeling and go right into taking action.

2. A Complete Transformation in What It Takes to Live Your Best Life

One of the biggest challenges struggles of professional single men is the journey of finding what many call, “The One.”

They either have everything ELSE in their life that works except this OR they think being in a relationship will unlock everything else in their life so you find yourself…

Stuck. Wanting to Give Up. Depressed. Feeling Options Are Limited.

Being able to have all of your life work seems to be the life-long challenge men undertake with little to show for their efforts, which can lead to feeling awful about yourself and self-destructive behavior like not taking care of yourself. 

This process is can be absolutely exhausting, and even if there is some success, it opens up new challenges to face and breakthrough, which lead to wanting to isolate from others.

That’s why IntentionCon is packed with strategies, systems, and support from coaches and experts committed to living their most intentional life.

Men who have been exactly where you are now, faced similar challenges you are currently facing, but have turned their lives around dramatically WITHOUT rejection, losing their health, money, and connection to purpose. 

3. Being Pushed Beyond Your Limits for Lasting Transformation

Led by Thomas Edwards, Jr., we have a small team of Powerful Coaches who will help lead and facilitate your 3-day IntentionCon Experience, to get you the most results in a short period of time by showing you HOW to use what you learn and combine it with the internal power within…

This “internal power within” may not even be a conversation you’ve had before, but you will quickly find out that this is the key to achieving what you want in your life. 

And each of these coaches are living examples of how to live an intentional life and have proven the effectiveness of the strategies, systems, and support. And most importantly, they know exactly how to help you get results FAST! 

4. Powerful and Life-long Connections 

Not only will IntentionCon give you access to proven strategies, systems, and support to create long-term romantic connections, have amazing experiences, become a stronger leader in and outside of work, and crystal-clear purpose…

…you’ll also meet other men who have walked the same path as you, faced the same challenges, and who have overcome the same path and challenges you face today, tomorrow, the next day, and so on… 

Community is VERY important to us and you become who you spend your most important experiences with.

More importantly, you’ll have a system that will help you level up your life every season without feeling like it’s exhausting and unmanageable –– and instead, enjoy YOUR life with Fearless Intention.


Meet Your Coaches

IntentionCon is backed by a team of amazing speakers and coaches who are only selected to speak here because they eat, sleep, and breathe the principles behind Fearless Intention. Each is successful in a specific category in life and will take you through the experience of how you can incorporate their tools into your life.

Tonight, I had a great session with a client visiting from NYC, who I believe has rediscovered her joy and is set up to have an amazing weekend here in LA. .
Being able to sit down, connect, really tap into her blocks, and support her in releasing them reminded me of why I do this work.
Sure, seeing the smile on her face as she connected with her self-love was MY joy. But it's what she'll do in the world with that connection that really excites me.
That shit has a lifetime effect. And I couldn't be more grateful to be a part of experiencing that with her.
I'm proud of her. And I'm proud of myself.
📷: @saskia_nelson

👉 Coach and Creator of Fearless Intention

Thomas Edwards, Jr.

Thomas's mission is to help men get out of the crisis within themselves that has them questioning their purpose and identity (that is, if they believe it exists) and into a meaningful life through what it means to truly love and value themselves.


👉 Dating Coach

Spencer Burnett

Spencer works with men looking for a new and successful approach to dating and relationships.

He has developed programs that have helped thousands of men leverage their natural character and personality to meet the right women with the goal of building lasting relationships. 

Through his live workshops and interactive inline training programs, Spencer helps men unleash a powerful version of themselves that naturally attracts the women they want most.


👉 Lifestyle and Software Sales Consultant

Joshua Beasley

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Joshua spent 8 years doing youth counseling in high school and college before becoming a consultant in the energy and sustainability space.

He was introduce into the lifestyle development space by Thomas Edwards 3 years ago and has managed several start up companies.

An avid car enthusiast, Joshua presently does software sales consulting in conjunction with lifestyle development coaching.

More speakers to be announced…


 Full Agenda

Phase #1: Identity and Goals 

In this phase, you'll tap into your true identity and purpose, develop internal urgency, and connect it to the results you want this weekend, this week, this month, and this year.

Phase #2: Creating Power and Certainty Through Habits 

You will develop habits to implement daily that increases your confidence and creates results fast.

Phase #3: Developing the Leader You're Born to Be 

You will understand what your true value is, create ways to develop it continuously, and contribute it in a way that attracts people and opportunities you never thought were possible.

Phase #4: Building Community and Healthy Experiences 

You will optimize your lifestyle to make it conducive to the life you want and the people you want in it. There will be a special focus on creating social experiences that will constantly push you outside of your comfort zone to extend your network professionally, socially, and romantically.


Phase #5: Love Thyself to Love Thy Neighbor 

We will shift gears and instead of spending most of our time around loving women, we will spend most of our time experiencing true love of yourself – in other words, we'll be spending time with our egos. And THEN, once we have an understanding of what love really looks like as we give it to ourselves, we will leverage that to attract the women we desire.

What You’ll Gain…

A new belief system to increase your self-value and live a better quality of life.

Tools and strategies to not only see the life of your dreams but also create it.

Ways to not let fear be a part of the equation and instead add courage to your life for good.

Learn belief-shifting truths about yourself that will change how you envision your life, including your body, the people in your life, and even the job you have.

You’ll get a fresh perspective on who you are meant to be, what your purpose is, and perhaps even a new version of your life.

Immersive guided sessions that include mediation and physical exercises that will awaken you, relieve stress and reveal hidden truths about your innermost desires and deep emotions.

New friends and a community of like minded men, who are there to achieve one thing – MORE of all that life has to offer.

🔒 100% Privacy.  We Will Never Spam You!

🔒100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!