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 how today’s man can break free to get the best out of life

(even if you feel lost and uncertain RIGHT NOW)


in this masterclass, you will discover…


How to attract your next relationship using my #1 “hack” – without any tricks.


How to fast-track your career using my proven “formula" – and never doubt your position.


How to tap into your unlimited power – and never feel “burnt out” or “lost” again.


How to give yourself an edge in life, doing the one thing most men don't.

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Thomas Edwards, Jr.

Thomas shows the modern man how to achieve personal power so he can get the most out of life.

Through his powerful work for over 10 years as Creator of the Predictable Love Mentality™ and Founder of The Professional Wingman™, Thomas has received acclaim from hundreds of media outlets, including features in Men's Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Playboy, the New York Times, on MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show.