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Finally Creating the Life You Want?

The Relationship You Want, The Power You Want, The Status You Want, The Life You Want Will be Forged From Becoming The Man You Need to Be...

The FIRST OneIntentionChallenge Begins August 19…

 Here’s YOUR Problem…

It’s NOT that you’re trying to attract H.E.R. and can’t. That’s just a symptom of the REAL problem. It’s you think attracting H.E.R. will fill a gaping hole you have inside of you that’s telling you that you’re not enough.

What is H.E.R.?

H.E.R. is what I’d like to call a Highly Exceptional Reality. This is a life that’s filled with:

❤️ A passionate, loving, connected relationship with an amazing woman (whether you're single or not)
👫 Community of friends and experiences that inspire you to grow and become a better man
💰 An elevated career, more money, and ability to give back, getting rid of scarcity forever
🏋️‍♀️ A healthy, powerful body, capable of meeting the daily demands and responsibilities of life with a purpose full of fire

Your belief system that leads you through life is centered around the following story.

I must do things that can increase my status so I can be happy, loved, and accepted by all.

The problem is your life is tied to having that status, which means until you get there, you and your life will feel empty.

❌ And you keep trying different things in HOPES of it working…but they don’t, leaving you stuck, and looking for answers, which include quick fixes, tricks, magic bullets, and strategies, with diminishing hopes in them working out each time.

 Here's What’s Possible for You…

The possibility here is the conventional way you were taught to create success has been wrong for you this whole time. What if you took your current story and created a new one that said…

I love and accept who I am. and will do things that support that, which in turn, will establish REAL status and attract everything I want.

✅ What this new story does is shift you from doing things for the hopes of other people’s validation and instead does things that cement your own validation; a pre-validation that takes you out of fantasyland and into H.E.R — that Highly Exceptional Reality.

And this is where the One Intention Challenge was born.

Introducing the OneIntentionChallenge

This challenge requires ONLY a $1 investment to join for the first week. Why $1?

This allows me to work with the maximum amount of men who desire transformation.

Also, I learned from a wise soul it’s important to put all of your energy toward what you want to create and that includes money. $1 is very little energy, but it’s with the idea you’re committed to investing in long-term transformation and are willing to go all-in.

So for 7 days, you get to begin the challenge and when you love it, you’ll get to complete the 30-day challenge for a one-time investment of $397. If not, you let us know and we’ll see you on your way. It’s that simple.

The truth is, you can’t create accountability or urgency if you don’t have any “skin” in the game. At the same time, I want this to be a no-brainer decision for you. After that, it’s up to you.

And in my experience, those who invest in themselves get the BEST results. Those who don’t, well…

With the One Intention Challenge, we could easily charge $1,000 for the full 30 day challenge…

Probably even $2,000, but...for you, you can start the challenge for only $1.

Then In Exchange For That Investment, You Get ALL Of This:

✅ 30-day One Intention Challenge (value $1,997)
✅ Weekly Group Coaching Sessions (value $1,997)
✅ 100 Places to Meet Women & 50 Date Ideas (value $597)
✅ Communication Mastery Mini-course (value $597)
✅ Create an “Identity” Wardrobe (value $1,497)
✅ “Behind-the-scenes of Clients’ Success (value $497)


You have 30 Days, starting Aug 19th...

Do YOU Accept?

 Here Are the Principles…

These principles are the guiding forces of creating accelerated results in your life. But there’s truth inside of these principles that will reveal what you must do to get there.

Principle #1: Hacking Creates Results FAST and it’s NOT Easy

You see, in your pursuit of finding the next quick fix, what you ignore is nothing desirable comes easy. You can go the easy route and waste time you can’t get back. Or you can invest in a shortcut that will require ruthless commitment to create results FAST.

Hacking works and it requires WORK.

✅ Principle #2: Relationship Hacking Is the Key to Unblocking Limiting Beliefs In Your Life

Let me ask you a question. How often are you going out on dates? Every week? Every month? Every other month? This is question I ask those who are single AND in a relationship.

Their answer always tells me how connected they are to what they want. And chances are the less the frequency, the less they are experiencing in their dating lives or romantic relationships

It’s a simple question that can also be asked about other things you desire in your life. But hold that thought as I’ll get back to this…

✅ Principle #3: Lifestyle Hacking Creates Opportunities for Growth and Expansion

When you take a look at what your life is like outside of work, is it ONLY enjoyable for you or do you include other people?

If you were in crisis, how many people can you reach out to for support? What experiences do you have that challenge and push you to show up a better man?

Most importantly, is your lifestyle set up and designed to attract the very things you want in life?

This is the part of your life that suffers tremendously. Because of your current belief system centered around “work hard, play none,” there is very little value you offer yourself, let alone can offer other people.

So most of your life is spent with little to no connection to experiences and people that make you actually enjoy the life you’re “working so hard” to create.

Principle #4: Love Hacking Is What Separates the Men From the Boys

So this is the one — the one principle most men run from. The word “love” alone makes men uncomfortable.

This principle forces them to take a look at themselves, discover the darkness around what’s holding them back, the stories that have buried the fears, guilt, anger, and shame, and find a new way of showing up to the world.

This way of Hacking is what allows boys to “grow up,” and understand they are human, make mistakes, and can still be powerful and confident while being vulnerable and willing to express those emotions.

This requires a daily commitment of choosing yourself first before everyone else. And I do mean everyone.

❗️ But this Hack is the primary source of all acceleration in a man’s life. What you discover about yourself opens up capacity to rapidly shift beliefs and lead a more fulfilling life as a man better than who you were yesterday.

 Here's YOUR Path…

Combining these principles with daily practices, weekly experiences, and monthly intentions, I’ve been able to create life that PREDICTABLY provides me with everything I could ever desire. And I’ve been able to do so for so many clients over the 10+ years of coaching.

I call the system Predictable Love Integration™.

This system allows you to create a Highly Exceptional Reality based on how you predictably integrate love into your life from the INSIDE.

Here, I offer you a challenge — if there was one thing you wanted in your life, could you make that one intention and commit to making it a reality in 30 days or less?

🏋️‍♀️ Finally releasing those 10 pounds...
🎉 Going to social events and connecting with old friends or making new ones…
💰 Finding ways to increase your income...
👫 Dating and meeting your potential girlfriend…
🔥 Waking up everyday with a fire that has you looking forward to life…

If so then I invite you to my “One Intention” Challenge.

 OneIntentionChallenge Overview

✅ Week 1 — Set and Declare

Set up your One Intention, establish daily practices, and plan weekly experiences for predictable growth in confidence and attraction.

✅ Week 2 — Lifestyle Hacking

How to design your lifestyle around attracting a Highly Exceptional Reality using both online and offline platforms

✅ Week 3 — Leadership and Value

How to develop your leadership ability and establish your status for attracting people, connections, and experiences that lead to a Highly Exceptional Reality.

✅ Week 4 — Love and Romance

Single? How to communicate, connect, and attract women anytime, anywhere, on a consistent and predictable basis.

In a relationship? How to do the same but for your significant other, creating a deeper, more intimate, and passionate connection.

Then We Combine the Strategy With Support Through…

✅ LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Get personalized training and feedback from Thomas as your coach throughout the 30-day Challenge to make sure you are on the right track toward your One Intention at all times.

Here's My Guarantee…

I guarantee that if you participate in the challenge, show up to the weekly coaching calls, implement what you learn, by the time the challenge is done, you will not only have a foundation of certainty, confidence, and personal power, you will have also experienced the One Intention you set on Day 1.

In fact, on top of being able to try it out for $1 for 7 days, you can even try out the Challenge for 14 days and if you don’t feel like you’re seeing results, you can let us know, show us you did the work and didn’t get results, and receive a full refund of $397.

Pretty simple.

But if you're like most people, this experience will change your life.