The Birth of Predictable Love

I remember sitting out on the balcony of our hotel suite in Mexico while on vacation, and I said to my friend, Kellen, “I know what I'm going to call it. I'm going to call it Predictable Life Integration.”

And I explained to him the idea that a work life balance isn't a real thing. You can't balance things, however it's more important to integrate things; people want to have a life that's well integrated.

My friend thinks about it and he tells me, “you know, it sounds good, but I don't think people want their lives to be predictable.”

He was right.

No one wants their life to be predictable. In fact, people don't want anything to be predictable…except for one thing. And as I was thinking about it more and more, it became clear to me that this is the only thing people want that’s predictable.


Now when we get into the topic of love, you start to think about what kind of love we’re talking about – love from someone else, a romantic partner, a wife, a husband, your boss, your father, your friends are just a few examples.

Sure, those things are important and we attach ourselves to those things. But ultimately there's one love that is the most important and is needed to be predictable in order for you to create success in the world.

it's the love for yourself.

For a long time in my life, I wasn't doing that. I wasn't reminding myself. I wasn't doing things in my life that told me, “Hey Thomas, I love you.” And when I lost that, that's when my life spiraled out of control.

When I then made the decision to recommit, double down, and show myself how much I love myself, treating myself with unconditional love, that's when my life completely transformed.

Soon, I focused my entire life around making sure that part of my life was as predictable as possible.

And the ironic thing is as predictable as the love I give myself is, in turn, my life's expansion becomes predictable, in the sense that it keeps growing and getting better. As a result, I'm more capable of handling the ups and downs now than ever.

As I share my experience, tools, and support with my clients, I also came too see they were looking for that but spent a lot of their lives trying to get things, people, accomplishments, achievements that exist out in the world to fulfill themselves internally.

And some of them did achieve success, in fact, massive success. But no matter what, there was still a void that only grew bigger. And for all of them, that emptiness inside was something no achievement, person, amount of money could fulfill.

That's when I realized that a lot of my clients were struggling in their lives because they were suffering from not showing themselves love and not experiencing that kind of love.

So I completely revamped my coaching experience to be around this concept of creating and growing predictable love, that's when I saw the lives of so many of my clients transformed for the better through love.

It's what we all want, yet we're so reluctant or we forget we can give it to ourselves. When we love ourselves the most, we don't feel the need to have love from other people or to have things in order to feel loved, significant, or full.

In fact, we become so full of love for ourselves that we're then able to produce, give, and show up as authentically as we possibly can.

What could that do for your life?

It's done a lot for mine, a lot of my clients, and I'm so grateful to be in this position. I'm so grateful through my personal darkness, the gift of the Predictable Love Mentality is something I get to share with you.

If you're someone looking to create predictable love, upgrade your life, and get the best out of it, let's have a conversation and see what that can look like in your life.

The one thing that we want most in life is love and it's something that you can create from within.

Thomas Edwards